Credits give you in-game credits which are added to your account. Players with credits can use them to get awesome ranks, useful perks, commands and keys.

On purchase, your player in-game will receive virtual credits which can be checked via /credits. Credits can be redeemed by going to the /redeem GUI. They CANNOT be traded, sold, or given to a friend.

For any store related issues or questions, please email us at ryansaces@gmail.com



Here you can purchase credits for use on the server that you want!

 All payments are automatically applied and processed through Buycraft! Be sure to enter your username exact so our systems can correctly give you your purchase!

Be sure to read our terms when you purchase something, all sales are final waith no refunds! Upon chargingback, you will be banned on ALL VelocityMC servers along with flagged/banned off of Buycraft!?

Sales come occasionally upon events/holidays! We apply the sales automatically so you do not have to! Usually sales are announced on the server describing the discount amount.

Before purchasing for a friend, be sure to have EXPLICIT permission from them.

If you have any problems or questions, you may consult any staff member or email us:



NOTE: eChecks take 5-7 days to clear.